Carol A. Stephen | Carleton Place, ON | LCP member since 2006

Spring Planting

Your poet
stands before you,

his store of words
cached in his blue velvet bag.

He peers inside,
chooses a word,

turns it over,
polishes it on sleeve,

flat-palms it to you.

Take the word,
hold it in your hand.

It’s a warm word, but
is it the word you wanted,

or just a make-do?

You smile.

Plant this word
in soft black earth,

nourish it,
with warmth and fresh spring tears.


Poem appeared in the March-April 2011 edition of Byline, Canadian Authors Association, National Capital Region.

Carol A. Stephen, Carleton Place, Ontario. League of Canadian Poets Associate member since 2006. Published in Ottawa journals and online. “Poems begin with words and phrases dancing in my head. Poetry for me is all about that dance!”

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