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Carol Rose | Winnipeg, MB | LCP member since 1999

she changes “she changes everything she touches & everything she touches changes” … (Starhawk) i visit her in jerusalem between july’s quicksilver moon & the golden bowl of august’s harvest   she changes everything she touches   not in the heavens   but in her garden … Continue reading

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Carol Little | Charlottetown, PEI | LCP member since 2009

Heart First underwater vision alone again nothing I can say strip me of words tear me down to wake me up judge me use me steal my warmth inside you life radiates sublime anarchy a night of sympathy emotions unwind … Continue reading

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Mary Angela Nangini | Brampton, ON | LCP member since 1991

water ladle icy water from deep down wells rock source …a never-ending rush becoming river swell where my mother washes laundry – and sings with grandmother and aunts and with my siblings and friends we play and splash in the … Continue reading

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