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Alice Major | Edmonton, AB | LCP member for about 17 years

Staff Christmas lunch Celebration by decree, sign here to bring desert, main dish, or rolls and pickles. Conscience puts you down for spinach dip or salad plate, though really you’d prefer to bring the pop – a quick skate through … Continue reading

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Fern G. Z. Carr | Kelowna, BC | LCP member for seven years

Somnus Erat Demonstrandum Transitive Property of Equality: If a = b and b = c, then a = c. Lessons learned from parents – a string of pearls of wisdom passed on from generation to generation, dispensing one bead at … Continue reading

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Heather Cadsby | Toronto, ON | LCP member since 1985

STONES My quiet daughter saves pebbles. She lines them up like merit badges on her desk. These treasures are as closed as she is, the perfect collector’s item. Sometimes she arranges them in a circle around her like a fortress … Continue reading

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