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Karen P. Ouellette | Amherstburg,ON | LCP member for six years

Caught In Granite (2011) When river greets morning shore with summer’s kiss, we fish each day from the tall, twin boulders – father, brother, me; and we cast strong lines, holding first quivers of bass, our days long-baited:secret bounties of … Continue reading

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Marvyne Jenoff | Toronto, ON | LCP member for years

The Orphan and the Stranger I’m an orphan, sir, my mother’s mute; see these paper birds I make (or fans or valentines), tell me they sing, sir, tell me I sing I’m an orphan, sir; these paper birds with hands … Continue reading

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Fiona Lam | Vancouver, MB | LCP member for over 10 years

Ode to Milk Nurse a child for six years to make him a wrestler, the Mongolians say, their children still nursing at age four, even nine. Engorged breasts proffered around the room to the ailing and elderly. Or perhaps milk … Continue reading

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