Roger Moore | Island View, NB | LCP member since 1990

Secular Saint

“También anda Dios en la cocina, entre los pucheros.”
“God also walks in the kitchen among the pots and pans.”
St. Theresa of Ávila.

She keeps watch over the bar. I beckon.

She leans towards me. Not just her head,
but her care-worn hands, her whole body,
the tender, slender trunk of her, doubled

upon itself, her role cast here in shadows,
in black and white images, stark, twinned
again in the bar’s multiple mirrors. She
watches me watching her every movement,

every moment. Again she is here before me,
among the pots and pans, amidst the dishes,
washing, wiping, cleaning, stripping, frying,

moving chairs, turning tables, doing and undoing,
no task too low, too dirty, too menial, too onerous…

El Rincón
20 VII 2005

Roger Moore
is a poet, short story writer, novelist, critic, and a creative artist in various forms of multi-media. He has more than six score of poems published in over two dozen Literary Magazines and has published VIII poetry books and IX poetry chapbooks. He lives at Island View, New Brunswick, Canada. But, he lives on the other side of the hill from the St.John River: as a result, looking out through his window, there is not an island in sight!

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