Kath MacLean | Edmonton, AB | LCP member since 1998

J’s pudding,

Rose Tree Cottage, Buckinghamshire, January/March 1915

You’ve got to love me!
The war’s horrid and everyone’s talking dull and witless.
Sparrows cheep about like chickens,
but the pudding my dear is lovely.

The day folds and narrows news of the War again;
it rains and makes me forget my mud-coated shoes,
my heart –beat- about my chest, for no reason,
for no one at all –

I feel small and frightened of the bugleman, the stoneman
who breaks day in pieces, chisels the afternoon into pistol.
Here we lie sleeping; here we shall rot –
But the pudding my dear is just lovely.

It’s funny to sit so quietly, my mouth sewn, while he strings out a story of sex
my heart scarcely beats, my knees knock hope’s light witless and dull;
the window’s splattering rain shoots me here and here –
But the pudding my dear is fine.


“Pudding” is from Kat Among the Tigers (University of Alberta Press, 2011).

Kath MacLean writes poetry and creative non-fiction in Edmonton, AB. Her most recent works include Seed Bone & Hammer, a CD of performance poetry with Lane Arndt (2009) and videopoem, There Was A Young Man with Oops Design (2009).  Kat Among the Tigers poetry based on the journals and correspondence of modernist Katherine Mansfield, has just been published (U of A Press).  A second poetryvideo, Doo-Da-Doo-Da is forthcoming spring 2011.

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