Honey Novick | Toronto, ON | LCP member since 2011

Nurturing a Welcome Guest

Everything and everybody has a speciality that
needs to be nurtured.
Like a rooted twig potted in foreign soil,
this specialty must be cared for daily.
It could be a special friendship, talent, or a secret.
Or it could be the beloved jasmine plant,
scion of a historical treasured bush given as a gift,
placed on a windowsill,
amidst a grey, cold, dreary midwinter
far from its warm, familiar conditioning.
In new territory it is nurtured by love,
expectation, hope, water, sun, sounds and touch.
Thriving it growing networks of roots.

It’s speciality is its delicate blossom
proffering a perfume of unmatched fragrant nectar
that lives for only one sunrise, and one sunset
before dropping from its branch.

This gift from another side of the world, enhances,
and like other immigrants,
adds to the beautiful diversity of its new life.

Numinous, the power of this plant’s speciality
nurtured, loved, honoured, heard.
Numinous, the power of any specialty,
cultivating flourishing networks of inspiration.
Remembering its treatment and
never forgetting that when nurturing a speciality
everything and everybody is honoured.

Honey Novick lives in Toronto, Ontario.  She is a singer/songwriter/voice teacher and a proud new member of the LCP.  While waiting for spring to come softly in the night, she sings, cooks, reads and writes.   www.honeynovick.com

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