Debbie Okun Hill | Camlachie, ON | LCP member since 2009

Things We Might Have Done

If we had more breath, more time
we might have taken art lessons
explored the Cadmium Yellows
in a vase of freshly cut daffodils
slid our feet in Prussian Blue seas
a sip of wave, so comforting
before your wild wheezing
windpipe storm arrived

We might have dipped our fingers
in Raw Umber, licked the Titanium
Whites in your cumulus cloud sky
but today your easel frame collapses
your skin, dehydrated
tissue thin like parchment
your mind clogged with squeezed oils
mixed media memories
the weight of paralysis

Can you still hear that murmur?
Your fading heart beat
erasing years of
creativity with each stroke–
today you no longer hold a brush
dab the pale paint that colors your
hospital canvas existence
your sheets twisted in frustration

Between each pause, each breath
your family spoon-feeding
nurturing your artistic palate
you whisper your last words
like pencil sketches, grey smeared
a half-breath we strain to absorb
lean close, closer to your lips
your loss of drawn-out conversations
and as you shrink inward
drop Earth’s palette
are you still thinking
of kaleidoscopes
cut-up colors of life
collages of familial activities
we did and might have done together?
Debbie Okun Hill,
an associate member of The League of Canadian Poets since 2009. To date over 175 of her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in over 75 different publications/websites in Canada and the US including Windsor Review, Quills, Other Voices, and The Binnacle.

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1 Response to Debbie Okun Hill | Camlachie, ON | LCP member since 2009

  1. Hello Debbie,

    You bring me to tears with your beautiful landscapes of love. Bravo!

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