Alison Clarke | Edmonton, AB | LCP member for four years

No Inspiration

There’s no inspiration:
no perspiration, no titration of thought, of mind–
which becomes a fine rhyme.
It can be a lime of bittersweet juice:
a flow of words that perturb some, but delights others.
Or they can be words that chime when they rhyme…
a literary body that’s utterly divine.
Or is it like a dime when the idea is fine;
like old wine that gets better with time?
I’m far behind; but I’ll catch up–
flowing, rowing, with a pen at my side:
as waves of words wash over me.
Funny how I’m on a literary journey:
I thought I had no ideas inside of me.
But look:  I’m free, there’s no fee,
and I’m riding along on a great flow of energy.

My name is Alison Clarke, and I’m a children’s author and poet.  I’m putting out the second story about Eli the Elephant, Eli Goes To The Moon, and a collection of poetry called The Women.  I enjoy reading, writing, seeing movies, and listening to music. Life is a journey.

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