Madhur Anand | Guelph, ON | LCP member since 2008

Nature Mort with Zoology Professor

Spring rain
spots the driveway
and morning is delayed
as twenty-three earthworms
get added to the bait collection
alongside a bucket of minnows
small fish reserved for catching bigger fish

Jean kills
two birds with one stone
feeds his minnows
leftover dog food

Speaking of birds
he’s once seen a chipmunk eat
a dead bird’s brain
34% unsaturated fat
who needs nuts?

Speaking of brains
his colleague had to shoot
a video to prove that squirrels are predators
of hares
snapping off the heads
of ten bunnies in one go
to eat the brains
caloric equivalent
of a winter’s stash
or a month’s lesson in foraging theory

But Jean is going fishing today
to forget about brains
casting lines
with bated breath

Madhur Anand
is a poet and ecologist and has been a member of LCP since July 2008.

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