Flavia Cosma | Toronto, ON | LCP member since 2006

At Dawn

When the day interweaves with the night,
And silences disappear into soft cooing,
The winter with its pointed ears
Feels its way through autumn back to us.

Good spirits in low bands,
Surround us on the wooden stair,
Peace takes us by the hand, resurrects us,
Wants us to be awake when wellness seizes us,
To our bones’ cores,

On young thresholds carols bud,
Pine trees with heavy skirts
Shake off their thoughts;
As in every year we renew our being,
Our scrap of light,
Pure, turns back to us.

Deep voiced bells solemnly herald;
Sleep, a tangled ball,
Slips from eyelids.
Yellowed flowers shining freeze,
Astonished, day slowly arises
From a stony dream.

Flavia Cosma (http://www.flaviacosma.com) is an award-winning Romanian-born Canadian poet, author and translator residing in Toronto. Flavia has published eighteen books of poetry, a novel, a travel memoir and five children’s books. She is the Director of the International Writers’ and Artists’ Residency, Val David, Quebec, Canada.

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