Peter McEwen | Oro/Medonte, ON | LCP member for 12 years

Our Father

More often than not
Where art thou’d?
Appeared in the kitchen
Taking a turn at the stove
Stirring the soup, setting the dough
And rocking the babe
Even as we knew his preference to be
Beyond fence and field
Trudging the wood in search of fowl
Or stealing on thief’s feet along the posted bank
To tickle a trout from its darkling pool
But most of all to be stopping by the young widow’s
To hone his fine art.

The poetry of Peter McEwen, visual artist and poet, has appeared in journals, anthologies, chapbooks, and on gallery walls. A first volume, The Hole in the Wall (Your Scrivener Press) appeared in 2008. Peter, his wife Joanna and Luath, their pup live in Oro/Medonte Ontario.

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