Karen P. Ouellette | Amherstburg,ON | LCP member for six years

Caught In Granite (2011)

When river greets
morning shore
with summer’s kiss,
we fish each day
from the tall, twin boulders –
father, brother, me;
and we cast strong lines,
first quivers of bass,
our days long-baited:secret bounties
of gold, silver
and sea-green turtles,
scent of fish, fresh
on fickle breeze…
Beneath cloud-grey gulls,
our tanned feet
dangle small,
as we wait patient
for the first great-wave –
Boblo’s boat
to wash us home once more…
for we are the poem –
the rise and fall
of buccaneer-dreams
our lives –
caught in granite.

* * *
Karen P. Ouellette’s poetry is influenced by years of ballet studies and by her work with the disabled. Published in literary magazines and books, her chapbook Within The Laughter, was launched at Bookfest Windsor, Nov. 2010. Karen continues to read her poems at local libraries, schools and public events.

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2 Responses to Karen P. Ouellette | Amherstburg,ON | LCP member for six years

  1. Carol Stephen says:

    love the first quivers of bass!

  2. Dear Carol,
    Thanks for your support. It is a great BLOG!

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