Claudia Coutu Radmore | Carleton Place, ON | LCP member for three years

and my little boat/ will carry me/ to your dream

because three main types of neutrinos: electron, muon, and tan
transform from one type to another as they travel.
because gene therapy can now help blind mice see
because fish arrange their colored scales in a mathematical pattern
and a wingless protein orients how the fruitfly’s body will develop

because B15A calved in 2000 is still melting breaking apart
because yttrium is a silvery-metallic transition metal, a rare earth element
because winter barley hugs the ground while ploughed earth glitters with frost
because the first living cells probably evolved at great depths in the sea
because this is a story about blundering in

because we sometimes feel as if we’ve been gloriously crucified
because we give our best smiles, the one in our communion photos
because twenty-two bones fuse in the first months of life
because whitman’s phrenological reading was quite exceptional
scoring high in philoprogenitiveness alimentiveness marvelousness

and sublimity approbativeness self-esteem and secretiveness because
whitman increased the size of several bumps on his own phrenological chart
because we have had the opportunity to ask what floor were you on
when the city filled with ash because melwood cutlery sings
there she goes and here we are followed by there they go and here we are

title: Gabriel Garcia Márquez

* * *
Claudia Coutu Radmore’s latest collections are Your Hands Discover Me/ Tes mains me découvrent, 2010, Éditions du tanka francophone, and a minute or two/without remembering, Two Cultures Press, 2010. Accidentals, a chapbook, is forthcoming in April, 2011 with Apt. 9 Press, Ottawa. Website:

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2 Responses to Claudia Coutu Radmore | Carleton Place, ON | LCP member for three years

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  2. Carol Stephen says:

    Fascinating! My fave line though, is the last one.

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