Rebecca Anne Banks | Montreal, PQ | LCP member for about 10 years

As if I could hold

all the blue light of twilight

quiet in kitchen warm

the cold of winter sleeps

outside my window

deep in snow

and this island love song.

* * *
Rebecca Anne Banks
’ (Poet, Songwriter, Writer, Singer, Musician, Artist, Philosopher) people are from Montreal and she has been an Associate Member of the League of Canadian Poets for about 10 years. She has been writing poetry since 1981. The carefully woven barren images juxtaposed with Romantic longing conjure a world of great darkness and great light, the very celebration of existence.  She is currently writing a book of poetry,
In the Time of Winter and working on the CD:  In Blue, watch for new projects.

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2 Responses to Rebecca Anne Banks | Montreal, PQ | LCP member for about 10 years

  1. barron says:

    Like snippets of songs written for lonely housewives. Great juxtaposition in boreal reality vs tropic imagery. People of a culture who want what they cannot really have. Again, lonely, like all our fantasy worlds I guess.

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