Kelly-Anne Riess | Moose Jaw, SK | LCP member for three years


Your body, your many hidden sides,
your mouth, your eyes,
your pale skin,
illuminated by the sun that seeps
through my bedroom window.

Sometimes I’m on
the ceiling looking down.

Your arms, thin
as wishbones,
wrap around me
making the shape of  zero.  We pretend
sleep.  Lost
in the dream part of ourselves.

Morning after,
heaven is finished
and there’s no forgiveness.
If I were a proper heroine,
the next day I’d die.

Luckily night forgets, and all that lingers
is a cold morning.
Never worry. Words
are made flesh.

* * *
Kelly-Anne Riess
’ debut poetry collection To End a Conversation (Thistledown Press, 2008) has been featured on CBC Radio and The Writer’s Almanac with Garrison Keillor. She has shared her poetry with audiences across the country at events such as the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival. Her work has been published in journals across the country, including GrainDescant and The Windsor Review.

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