Gillian Harding-Russell | Regina, SK | LCP member for many years

Midwinter mild spell

the wind tangled in west and south directions pushes me
forwards and sideways, the dog playing tug of war
pulls with his leash, and when a squirrel streaks across,
the dog stops, starts: among crippled
wispy trees up to its torso
in snowbank and wading through in slow motion,
a brown rectangle trying to resemble
itself (a moose )… while across

the slant of  ravine a whiter-than-snow angel shape
catapults meteoric towards the gold ball of the sun, followed
by two silhouettes, sun-shot carroty, bush down, snouts up
determined, in tandem, along the seam of scrub, and I’m not certain
whether to wish the jack safe passage or these red devils their breakfast
(their fuzzy cubs sleepy-eyed down some overhang of snow?)

* * *
Gillian Harding-Russell’s recent publications include her third poetry collection I forgot to tell you (Thistledown,  2007) and the chapbook, Apples and Mice (Alfred Gustav, 2008). Poems for the Summer Solstice (Leaf Press) is coming out in 2011. Poems have appeared in Windsor Review and will soon appear in Transition, Open Heart anthology and The Antigonish Review.

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