Mary Angela Nangini | Brampton, ON | LCP member since 1991

water ladle

icy water
from deep down wells
rock source

…a never-ending rush
becoming river swell
where my mother
washes laundry – and sings
with grandmother and aunts
and with my siblings and friends
we play and splash in the pool
we helped damn – forever
running water slipping over
the low rocks
pins and needles cold
around my feet and shins

and my drink
touch my lips
from a wide-lipped flourish
copper ladle
more than my mouth can handle
sloshing water over me

i gasp
for breath
my teeth…crack

the stabbing cold is pleasure
piercing my hot skin
smoldering the summer
precious overflowing

icy drink
from deep down wells
rock source

while my mother
holds the ladle
in our little kitchen
in Italy

* * *
Mary Angela Nangini
: member of LCP since 1991, a retired teacher writing a dissertation, while maintaining interests in sugar arts and poetry with a fascination for haiku and haiga. For more information visit:

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