Carol Rose | Winnipeg, MB | LCP member since 1999

she changes

“she changes everything she touches
& everything she touches changes”

i visit her in jerusalem between july’s quicksilver moon &
the golden bowl of august’s harvest   she changes
everything she touches   not in the heavens   but in her garden
behind the blue gate   where time is eternal   yesterday
& forever married in an instant   there are no separations here
elders dance with children & music ripples through
jasmine & rose   their uptilted blossoms open   their faces
like mine   radiant in the alchemy of her love

* * *
Carol Rose
: writer, educator, spiritual counsellor. – BEHIND THE BLUE GATE, Beach Holme Publishing., Vancouver, BC, l997, re-published 2010. – Co-editor, SPIDER WOMAN; A Tapestry of Creativity and Healing (J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing,Winnipeg, MB., l999). – Poetry and essays appear in Canadian, American & Israeli journals. – Awards include: 2nd prize (poetry) Women In Judaism’s 1st annual Writing Competition 2010-2011.

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One Response to Carol Rose | Winnipeg, MB | LCP member since 1999

  1. Rabbi Emily Feigenson says:

    I have some material of yours, that I received from you in 1999. At that time, I was editing a project. They are a pack of oval cards, re: matriarchs. It was not your intention to give them – and I had no return address. I have once again stumbled across it! I would like to return it., or get your release to keep them. How can I do that? need your snail mail address.

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